[scribus-dev] Serious bugs in

"Christoph Schäfer" christoph-schaefer at gmx.de
Sun Jul 20 14:57:13 CEST 2008

Hi guys,

while working on the print layout of the manual (which is almost finished, btw -- 390 pages so far and about +/- 40 more to come; only PDF Forms and the glossary aren't finished yet), I stumbled across a major bug in, which made me lose literally hours of work: I replaced fi and fl with ligatures in the Story Editor via search & replace. As a result, about 50% of assigned paragraph styles had been lost or changed to another paragraph style. The same goes for manual formatting that simply disappeared. I don't think this bug can remain unfixed in If someone can verify, it'd be great if a bug report could be filed (and the bug get fixed, of course). As you may know, I currently can't do this.

Other issues: 

- Bullets inserted in the Story Editor are only saved to the document if they're inserted twice (ie, insert bullet > apply > nothing; reopen SE > insert again > then they're there).
- Cursor placement seems to be worse than ever before -- a real PITA.
- While it's a known issue that Scribus sometimes indicates changes to a doc when there were none, sometimes doesn't indicate changes in the icon bar (the save button is greyed out). Only trying to close the document will bring up a dialog that asks if I want to save the changes.
- Text frames with placeholders for page numbers aren't copied correctly on master pages if a master page is copied. I almost always had to select the respective text frame and resize it a bit to prevent text overflow, even though there was enough space.
- There's other odd and unpredictable behaviour related to text formatting, which, I hope, will become obsolete with the new text engine.


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