[scribus-dev] Editable Master Pages

"Christoph Schäfer" christoph-schaefer at gmx.de
Tue Aug 5 17:00:20 CEST 2008

> Imagine the mess, now. Several layers into a master page... Where will this
> lead us?! (!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)
> Master Pages are in fact a locked layer. The containers (empty text and
> image frames) are locked. The content is uneditable and locked. This works
> perfectly and has a predictable behaviour, always. At least in Scribus.

I don't think this is correct. Currently, a layer outside the master page is a document layer, not a page layer. And why shouldn't users use layers in master pages? Who are we to tell them they shouldn't?

> ID has come up with a complicated sync and de-sync options, while
> QXP has not solved the issue of the de-sync'ing...

Exactly what I said. I think we should have something that's easier to use.

> We have this flexibiliy with stylesheets. We can edit endlessly any
> stylesheet. We can go from idea A to B to C and then get back to A or A'.
> Maybe what we are looking for lies in stylesheets, not Master Pages?

> When I say, use the Page > Copy as a workaround to editable Master Pages, I
> know this won't solve an issue such as being able to reposition the text or
> image frames *after* the pages are created, all at once in one go ? like it
> was asked recently on the mailing list. This would be the purpose of a
> Master Page in the old thinking. And it could well be the purpose of Frame
> Stylesheets in the new thinking. We could even extend this to Page
> Stylesheet... (is that feasible?)...

If you create a page style, formerly known as master page, what problem does that solve? Also, if master pages were created like styles (ie in a dialog), this would severly limit their use. Of course we could say that we're going to have page styles for the page itself and object styles for items on a page, but that would make quick changes impossible, and quick changes are one of the most siginificant reasons for edtable items on master pages.

> We need a hammer *and* a screwdriver.

Like pages and layers? ;)

> We also need to be able to manage the links between text frames.

What does this mean in the context of master pages? I don't think no one would permit linking text frames on master pages to text frames on real pages. That would be insane, IMHO.

> And we need to identify what is a styled frame and what is a regular frame.
> I guess a styled frame would be locked by default. One could edit the
> content with no specific permission. To edit the position would require to
> go to the Style Manager... Of course, at any time, just like for any
> stylesheet, one could apply the "nostyle" attribute, thus setting this
> particular frame free. And this idea could be developed, of course.

Yes, but keep in mind the number of mouse/keyboard operations. This sounds to me like a lot of clicking, which would defeat the idea of quick changes.

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