[scribus] scribus CPU usage

Colin Madwolf colin at madwolf.co.uk
Fri Nov 26 12:37:33 UTC 2021

> Do you have a way to monitor memory and processor usage while Scribus is running?
> Greg

Hi Greg

I used Activity monitor and don’t think it is a memory issue - I have 28GB RAM installed and it is using ~ 3GB

However, watching CPU usage was very interesting. If I select a page (beachball appears) the usage goes from ~ 0.2 - 35% / 60% - if I then try and move one of the arrows annotating a photograph it shoots up to 98%

There is a 5-10 sec delay whilst the beachball spins at this point

Hope all this helps - sure would be good to get a more useable base
kind regards

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