[scribus] Outlining fonts

Ken Springer snowshed1 at q.com
Sun Jan 24 15:04:49 UTC 2021

On 1/24/21 4:55 AM, Sveinn í Felli wrote:
> Þann 24.1.2021 11:29, skrifaði Ken Springer:
>> On 1/24/21 12:02 AM, Joe Zeff wrote:
>>> On 1/23/21 9:32 PM, Ken Springer wrote:
> ----
>> Bert Driehuis wrote:
>>> The major drawback of outlining is that the generated PDF is no longer
>>> searchable.
>> So, am I to take from your reply, you are not concerned if the finished
>> PDF is searchable?
> IMHO, a PDF distributed on the web should be searchable and perhaps
> having images in 100 DPI, while a PDF sent to a printshop doesn't need
> to be searchable but image resolution needs to be at least 300 DPI.
> Two different scopes.


I guess, in this case, Joe's PDF's are not available online.

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