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The above link shows a generated PDF where on page one punctuation characters at the right end of some of the lines of the right-hand text frame are chopped off on the right.  Pages two and three of the PDF do not show this problem.  Comparing pages one and three of the .sla I see that the right-hand text frames have the same width and the same x pos, so I don't know why only page one shows this problem.

Locations on page one showing this chopped punctuation:
 * Chapter one verse twenty-six, the third line should end with a comma.
 * Chapter one verse thirty, the second line should end with a comma.
 * Chapter two verse two, the first line should end with a semicolon.
 * Chapter two verse three, the second line should end with a period.
One location on page three showing the problem is not present is chapter five, verse nineteen, line one.  At the far right end there's a comma that is not cut off in the PDF.

I'm using 1.5.8svn just built today, on Linux.



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