[scribus] Templates vs. master pages vs. (page styles)?

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Wed Sep 16 15:29:28 UTC 2020

Earlier I sent the following reply to only one correspondent. Sorry for 
the slipup now corrected.


I write from the sidelines here since I am not a regular user of 
Scribus. However this topic seems to fall under the heading of dynamic 
changes and I do have an interest in /composing/ Scribus documents other 
than through the usual GUI.

Now the Scribus script ScribusGenerator serves the purpose of editing 
Scribus to include variables.  The example cited is making dynamic 
templates of business cards but I find that ScribusGenerator can be used 
in a broader context to dynamically change document attributes. Follow 
the video tutorial by the script author.

On a broader front (outside using Scripter) I have experimented with 
creating dynamic Scribus documents (from a local PHP server) by 
regarding the *.sla document as XML and processing XML in PHP. That 
works nicely and involves adding a custom PHP mime type so that PHP 
statements can be embedded into the Scribus document for processing. I 
can point to other uses of this method I researched.  For example 
embedded SVG files (also XML) can be so edited.

Just some more options to consider.


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