[scribus] Scribus 5.1.1 - long text - there is always remaining a piece of empty line

Gudrun Exner gudrun.exner at aon.at
Sat May 30 06:36:50 UTC 2020

Dear Scribus-community, hallo!
  I have a problem concerning the use of Scribus 1.5.5.
  I loaded a long unformatted text of 170 pages (without any pictures or images at all) from MS-Word,
  formatted it as justified in Scribus 1.5.5, and there remains always a gap, a small piece of empty line,
  at the bottom of each page in the last line on the right side.
  How can I remove this?
  I tried different solutions, but none worked.
  I must admit that the original text written in Word was already formatted,
  but I removed the formatting before loading the text into Scribus.
  Is this (a) a general problem or (b) my problem with Scribus?
  If it is (b) than perhaps a (quick) solution can be found. 
  With best wishes 
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