[scribus] Scribus Save function doesn't always work

Gary Dale gary at extremeground.com
Tue Jun 23 22:23:45 UTC 2020

I'm using Scribus v1.5.5 on a Debian/Testing machine.

I thought I had a successful day working on a document but then I went 
back into it and found it had reverted to yesterday's last save. I had 
saved it umpteen times during the day because the Story Editor keeps 
throwing an error that crashes Scribus. I don't think it happened today, 
which was good, but I've been leaving the Story Editor after making a 
few edits, saving the file then going back into the Story Editor to do 
some work.

I've even restarted Scribus a couple of times today, just to be safe, 
before I'd work on a new section of the file.

As I was paging down through the file, more carefully than I usually do 
to verify the content and look was correct, I noticed things I'd changed 
had reverted. The file date was also from the previous evening.

There were also some "emergency save" files from yesterday - possibly 
from the Story Editor errors, but they were time stamped even earlier 
than my file.

It goes without saying that a basic operation like File | Save should 
work or at least produce a popup message if it fails. After all the 
crashes yesterday, I'd even looked for an "Autosave" file every so many 
minutes function, but there doesn't seem to be one.

I understand that running a testing version of Debian means that the 
software may not always work. However the silent failure to save my file 
today is as bad as if the software had erased it. Either way, I'd be 
back to my overnight backup version.

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