[scribus] Constantly disappearing shortcuts in import windows

Gregory Pittman gpittman at iglou.com
Sun Sep 16 19:34:05 UTC 2018

On 09/16/2018 12:46 PM, Sebastian Schumann wrote:
> Hello scribus-list,
> after a year of coping with it, I decided to come up with this little problem now. In every import dialogue window – for instance when loading a picture or importing a paragraph style – my again and again manually set up shortcuts keep constantly disappearing after the command is executed. As I have a file structure of ten levels and more, clicking the whole path every time can get a pain.
> I have this problem since switching to Scribus 1.5 (which besides this problem meant a great relief).
> I use Mac OS 10.13.6. I appreciate every hint to fix this.

Hi Sebastian,

If I understand you correctly, I also note some strangeness to the way
directories are "saved".

For the instance of image frames, for example, what I see is that where
Get Image looks first for a new image is in the last directory which
actually had an import to a frame. It has nothing to do with the
document you're working on necessarily.

Let's imagine you're working on 2 different documents simultaneously.
You import to a frame in Doc1, then switch to Doc2, and Get Image looks
where you just imported from. So you change the directory and import to
Doc2. Now if you go back to Doc1 and import, Get Image first looks where
you got that image for Doc2.

If there is anything good about this, it's that Image frames and Text
frames create a separate list.

Setting the Paths in Preferences makes no difference for this.

What can be helpful, though, is to click-drag a currently or frequently
needed directory to the area labeled "Look in:", so then you have
created a shortcut for as long as you want it. When you don't need it
anymore, right-click and Remove it from the list.


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