[scribus] "modernizing" / sanitizing the code conventions for scribus

ZASKE Martin zm at revue-gugu.org
Thu Sep 6 20:25:32 UTC 2018

This is a well explained and graciously presented proposal.

I am not a programmer sadly but more than once, some help to my problems
has come from other users who have looked into the code.

I have learnt a little to read code for Android apps. And I could begin
to make sense from the "should probably become" part of the example
given. For looking myself, I would directly benefit from clearer file names.

And since ale is very very helpful on this list I want to say thank you
for the courage and the initiative to even suggest gentle reforms. It
does not sound like criticism on any other contributor nor on anything
that has been achieved in the past (and Scribus is still awesome, as is
my refrain in most of my mails).

I have not got a right, since I do not contribute, but I give my +1 for
ale as a fellow user and hero on this list.

fwiw and greetings,


On 06.09.2018 19:58, ale rimoldi wrote:
> buondì,

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