[scribus] scribus Digest, Vol 127, Issue 1

Colin Madwolf colin at madwolf.co.uk
Tue Oct 2 13:03:32 UTC 2018

> On 2 Oct 2018, at 13:00, scribus-request at lists.scribus.net wrote:
> Not sure what you mean by space before paragraph...
> If you mean extra linespacing above a paragraph, this is one of the
> settings in Paragraph Styles. For spacing above a paragraph, the icon is
> a small up-pointing arrow followed by the paragraph symbol. The default
> is 0.0 pts.
> Greg


I did try changing that value, but couldn’t see any difference.  Then some time later I had to force quit and restart the MAC, so guess something was up somewhere

Will try again

Thanks for the help. 

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