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Fri Nov 9 17:03:34 UTC 2018

On Fri, 9 Nov 2018 13:11:17 +0100
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> Le 09/11/2018 à 09:52, Jonas Bechtel a écrit :
> > Some time ago I did something similar. This involved following
> > steps:
> > * Export file as pdf (Stage 1)
> > * Use an external tool to find keywords with positions  
> what kind of tool was that ?
> and what kind of data did it output ?

I use: pdftotext -bbox infile.pdf outfile.xml

Given a page which contains the ending of sentence "[Diese
Nachbearbeitung der vorläufigen Zeitpunkte bewirkt, dass eine Vibration
zu einem zukünftigen Zeitpunkt (also 1-9 Messwerte später) nicht zum
aktuellen Zeitpunkt als Bewegung gewertet wird, während] ansonsten die
korrekten Bewegungsmeldungen beibehalten werden." 

The tool takes lots of CPU power.

It outputs following:
  <page width="595.280000" height="841.890000">
    <word xMin="33.579210" yMin="46.010160" xMax="81.819210"
    <word xMin="85.719210" yMin="46.010160" xMax="100.155210"
    <word xMin="104.055210" yMin="46.010160" xMax="149.811210"
    <word xMin="153.711210" yMin="46.010160" xMax="260.043210"
    <word xMin="263.943210" yMin="46.010160" xMax="319.059210"
    <word xMin="322.959210" yMin="46.010160" xMax="360.807210"

That get's parsed by python.

I used it for my study thesis, see

I had a in-text scripting language which had ##IF(), ##SET(), ##GET(),
etc. functions. The actual function using word position was ##PAGEOF()
which could find words in the document after stage 1 has run. (Always
returned "1" before stage 1 has run)

The most relevant file is


> JL
> > * Re-use these positions with a python script in Scribus
> > * Export file as pdf (Stage 2 - final)  
> > The key problem is that you cannot link/reference single words of a
> > text frame from python scripter engine. But this has to be
> > implemented in C++ and I've got no time. (Don't even be able to
> > update the python3 patch to development branch which seems to be
> > moving.)  
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