[scribus] Spin-boxes and interface issues

ale rimoldi ale.comp_06 at xox.ch
Wed Nov 7 20:20:57 UTC 2018


> 1. When editing text in a text frame and then clicking on an image
> frame I would expect the frame edges to be highlighted so that I can
> then move the frame or adjust its’s shape etc., - instead the box is
> tinted blue with the move image within frame selected.  This
> necessitates moving the mouse outside the box and yet two more clicks
> to get the frame highlighted - annoying!

i think that i mostly agree with you there...

personally, i don't expect scribus to stay in edit mode when i click on
a different frame.

for text frame it is somehow useful to click on a different frame and
still being in edit mode.
for image frames and other shapes, i'm really not sure that it's a good

if you have a plan about how it change that behavior and an explanation
that can convince the team to go for it, please fill a ticket!

for the short term, it might be useful to learn about the ESC key...
with it you can easily quit the edit mode...

> 2. Image scaling:  when working on a magazine article image frames
> often have similar scaling for the images within them, and image
> frames can be cloned and copied  - however, every time a new image is
> inserted into a frame, it defaults to 100% instead of the inherited
> frame aspect - which is how I would expect it to happen.  This then
> necessitates lots of clicks to reset the image scaling to the one it
> was copied from.

this has been requested multiple times...


i'm working on a further patch to make it easy to manually reset the
image frame settings.
and then ask for making the non resizing the default...
... but it's not so easy to manage how the undo system works : - (


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