[scribus] Spin-boxes and interface issues

Colin Madwolf colin at madwolf.co.uk
Wed Nov 7 16:07:44 UTC 2018

> On 6 Nov 2018, at 12:00, scribus-request at lists.scribus.net wrote:
> I don't know if it's possible, but it would be more convenient if the item was selected (highlighted) simply by hovering over it. This is how most of the spin-boxes work -- you just hover over them and use the mouse wheel to change the value.

Yes agreed.  Two other particularly annoying issues: 

1. When editing text in a text frame and then clicking on an image frame I would expect the frame edges to be highlighted so that I can then move the frame or adjust its’s shape etc., - instead the box is tinted blue with the move image within frame selected.  This necessitates moving the mouse outside the box and yet two more clicks to get the frame highlighted - annoying!

2. Image scaling:  when working on a magazine article image frames often have similar scaling for the images within them, and image frames can be cloned and copied  - however, every time a new image is inserted into a frame, it defaults to 100% instead of the inherited frame aspect - which is how I would expect it to happen.  This then necessitates lots of clicks to reset the image scaling to the one it was copied from.

Hope this helps
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