[scribus] the Scribus Stable branch download page

Gregory Pittman gpittman at iglou.com
Tue May 29 13:41:38 UTC 2018

On 05/29/2018 08:04 AM, ZASKE Martin wrote:
> Second attempt,
> sorry that my mail is often tagged as spam; this is because of my
> location in West Africa.
> I had another look and noticed that our download page is still untouched.
> I also found out that this cover-page is run in Wordpress, which I
> happen to know a little. But my wiki-login-credentials do not work there.
> If somebody will make me a login, I will fix the stable-download page
> (Windows only) and will not touch the other OS.
> But quick request for data:
> Has anybody on this list ever tried installing and running Scribus 1.4.7
> on Windows XP or 2000 SP4 or Vista?
> It is wise to still promote Scribus for XP? (if it does work, those
> special-needs-XP-people will find out, but maybe a liability to promote
> its use?)
> And what about the unstable branch page?
> https://www.scribus.net/downloads/unstable-branch/
> It looks as if Scribus 1.5.4 would run under Windows 10 64bit but not
> under Windows 10 32bit. I hope this is the same issue: just an
> overlooked update, right?

Hi Martin,

I think you will find that the 32-bit version available will work just
fine under Windows 10. It does for me on my VM.

I don't see such an issue with references to XP and others. People
either still have XP on an older machine or they don't. They're not
likely to seek it out. If they happen to have access to an old computer
somewhere, it might be useful information to know that they can run
1.4.7 on it.


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