[scribus] designing instructional posters on code/programming -- lots of syntax highlighting

Alec Hill bulk at ahill.io
Fri May 18 19:24:48 UTC 2018

Hi folks -- I'd love some help to proceed with this project... can I hire
someone for consulting/scripting in this area?

It's possible that the exact help I need might be in utilizing Pygments or
something else that's not actually Scribus, but I don't know what approach
to take or where to look for contractors, so I thought I'd start here since
it pertains to this email discussion from last year and the end product
will be

I want a script to run on a single file of source code (and on a directory
of source files) and have it generate something (maybe a postscript file?)
that can be embedded directly into Scribus.  If I make edits to the source
file, and run the script again to update the generated file, Scribus should
automatically pull in those updates.  The color scheme should be editable
in some way (like a css file for a website, but not actually css,
obviously) so I can change a color in some template or style definition
document, and just run the script to update all generated postscript (or
whatever) files, and have these changes automatically loaded in Scribus.

It was very exciting last year to see all of your comments on this thread,
but I've had too much floundering in other software areas to be able to
flounder here also.  I'd be so delighted if anyone's able to help me
manifest this workflow!


On Tue, Jan 10, 2017 at 3:11 AM, Lars Behrens <lars.behrens at kit.edu> wrote:

> Am Mon, 9 Jan 2017 20:33:33 -0500
> schrieb Gregory Pittman <gpittman at iglou.com>:
> > If you can make minted work with pdflatex, you should be able to get
> > it to work in a render frame. Look on the wiki page how the parts of
> > your latex need to be divided up in the Edit Source dialog, and some
> > things you don't need, like \begin{document}.
> I second that.
> Scribus internally just uses pdflatex for renderframes per default.
> So, like Greg said, if your not afraid of or even capable of LaTeX
> usage, then using renderframes could be an option to look at.
> Cheerz,
> Lars
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