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Wed May 16 07:59:01 UTC 2018


My name is Norbert and I'm from France. If you're anything like me, the
first thing you did when trying out Scribus for the first time was to look
for templates. And. Well... You didn't find any. That is, not much more
than those bundled with the software.

I'd like to change that.

I started releasing free user friendly templates in April 2018 on
scribus-templates.net - yes, I creatively called the project Scribus
Templates. And I'm planning to release more of them every week. Read all
about my crazy idea on the About page (scribus-templates.net/p/about.html).

If you're thrilled about this like I am, there are a number of ways in
which you could be part of it too. If you are an active Scribus user in
particular, you already have some files that you could convert into
templates and submit - that is, if you're happy to release them under CC
BY-SA 4.0 license.

Scribus Templates is and always will be about free access to knowledge and
sharing. This project is not commercially driven. However, it has to be
self-sustainable and this can be achieved with your help. If you believe
these values are worth defending, consider making a tip (
tipeee.com/scribus-templates) and passing on this email.

Subscribe to get new templates every week. Email me if you'd like to
contribute in any way.

Spread the word, share the love. Let's make Scribus sexy!

info at scribus-templates.net
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