[scribus] feedback needed: snap to items

ale rimoldi ale.comp_06 at xox.ch
Thu Mar 29 20:58:13 UTC 2018


in scribus 1.5.4svn one can get an item to snap to other items.

in some cases this is a very useful feature and can be
activated through the page menu.
on the other hand, personally, i haven't heard of anybody who keeps it
on all the time. (or even for longer periods of time.)

i don't. and as a result, i tend to forget about it and only use the
align and distribute tool.

today a user asked for the rulers to also snap to the items and
suggested to use the shift modifier for this.

i liked the idea and we discussed that it should generally be possible
to snap to items by simply holding down the shift key.

i've created a first patch for it:


while working on this, i was thinking more and more that this should
be THE way to activate the snapping among items.

i started looking for workflows that are better served by
activating a long term "snap to items" mode but i could not find any.

i've now opened a ticket asking for the shift modifier to replace the
current snap to items mode:


if you know about workflows that really would suffer from the removal
of this snapping mode, please present it here or in the bug tracker.

of course: it is not about removing the snapping to items, but about
replacing a "fix" snapping mode, by an on-the-fly one.

in the ticket with the patch
(https://bugs.scribus.net/view.php?id=15228) you can see an animation,
showing how the snapping with the shift key will work.

and for the one who wonders why it would be necessary to remove one of

- the code managing the snapping is rather complex and adding a new way
  to snap makes it even more complex. (and hard to maintain)
- the scribus UI is also very complex and every simplification is

have fun

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