[scribus] My thought so far, on Scribus as a serious contender

Colin colin at madwolf.co.uk
Wed Mar 7 19:38:06 UTC 2018

search "idml" in the bug tracker https://bugs.scribus.net/view_all_bug_page.php <https://bugs.scribus.net/view_all_bug_page.php>

also : test for yourself and report issues;


I read (with glee) that IDML files can be read by Scribus, so I went along and converted a few.  

I have one file that I have tested (out of 5 so far) that will not load and crashes Scribus with a signal 1

This file is an A4 journal of 40 odd pages.  Yet the book I am attempting to re-work from InDesign to Scribus is over 100 pages and loads from its IDML file - much to my amazement, whether that helps me at all in the conversion remains to be seen as a cursory glance through., shows it is less than perfect a conversion.

Anyone want to look at the problem file to tell me why it will not load ??

Been a bit busy with other things so not had much time at the computer lately, but will continue this thread again soon.

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