[scribus] Scripting question

ale rimoldi ale.comp_06 at xox.ch
Fri Jun 29 09:02:15 UTC 2018

hi vaclav

i had a closer look at your pull request...

> . The code is in my github repo at
> https://github.com/eudoxos/scribus/, the pull request is
> https://github.com/scribusproject/scribus/pull/90 (it also includes
> text on cyclic paths) but it seems to have been ignored since it was
> created.

can you please split it into two pull requests?

as far as i can judge it, adding the scripter command would be a
no-brainer and will be accepted in no time, the changes about the text
on path might need a more serious checking.

since you made the pull request from your master branch, i would
suggest you to create two new pull request from two different branches.
(i'm not a git expert, but one thing i think i've understood, is that
when doing a pull request, one should create a new branch with only
that feature, make the pull request and then leave that branch alone.
except for further patches to that specific pull request).

if you need help, you're welcome to show up in the irc or matrix
channels and ask : - )


p.s.: the team does not accept pull requests from github so yourself or
myself will have to copy the diff to the official bug tracker and make
a formal request... it's just a bit tedious and not hard at all (if you
add .diff at the end of pull request address you get the diff that you
can then add to the bug tracker...  : - )

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