[scribus] ?==?utf-8?q? xtg fileimport

Ralf Mattes r.mattes at mh-freiburg.de
Tue Jun 5 13:35:53 UTC 2018

Am Dienstag, 05. Juni 2018 12:49 CEST, JLuc <jluc at no-log.org> schrieb: 
> > Yes, german umlauts aren't that extraodrinary ;-)
> > Anyway - if I use ISO-8859-n encoded files the same glyphs show up (but that's
> > not a viable solution for my problem, I _do_ need some non-ISO encodable glyphs).
> > Also, those double/triple boxes correspond to the byte count of the utf-8 encoded
> > glyph so it really looks as if Scribus interprets single bytes ...
> I dont understand the situation you describe, but hopefully somebody will.

After a bit more time with the debugger:

 - from what I can tell the xtg import plugin correctly detects the declared encoding and does find
   the corrent QTextCodec for the encoding, so m_codec seems to be correct. But somehow the 
   actual text imported is garbled. 
 - If I import non-multibyte encoded text everything works as expected.

 Cheers, RalfD

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