[scribus] Does scribus use only 1 of 4 cores?

ale rimoldi ale.comp_06 at xox.ch
Wed Jul 25 09:07:57 UTC 2018

hoi albrecht

> For a lager scribus-file with a lot of ingredients I have a long
> waiting period. One reason could be, that scribus uses only one core.
> Is there any chance to improve it?

scribus is single threaded and i fear that there are very little chance
to see this change in the foreseeable future.

yes, getting scribus to do its work in multiple threads would be very
welcome, but i fear that we will need a new contributor putting a
relevant amount of time into it before seeing a progress in that

have a look at how much work it took firefox to get multithreading
inside of their application... and then inside of a single tab...
(not sure, but i think that they now have multithreaded the css
engine... and for getting there, they "invented" a new programming


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