[scribus] Small Caps in Scribus

Bert Driehuis bertd.fpevohf.arg at taw.playbeing.com
Sun Jul 8 22:34:55 UTC 2018

Dear Ralf,

> can someone elicidate me on Scribus' handling of small capitals? I have an OTF font with "true" small capitals
> and the character style property dialog offers me:
> - Default Capitals
> - Small Capitals
> - Small Capitals from Capitals
> What is what? Wich option do I need to select to get the small caps glyphs from the font?
> Furthermore - if I import text in the XTG format, when I markup parts with the <H> tag (which
> is supposed to switch on small caps) Scribus gives me what looks like scaled down glyphs.

The "Small Caps" feature in the story editor to the best of my
knowledge still uses "fake" small caps. If you have an OpenType font
with true Small Caps, I would expect that you can select those in the
Text Properties dialog under the Font Features settings group,
available since Scribus 1.5.3. I can't find an OpenType font with true
small caps quickly so I can't test, but I verified I can select Old
Style Numerals or Lining Numerals on fonts that support OpenType

Of course, some fonts come in packages with a seperate -SC version,
e.g. Alegreya Sans and Alegreya Sans SC, which in the pre-OpenType
times was the only way to get true small caps.

Support for OpenType features in Scribus is still young.

With kind regards,


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