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ZASKE Martin zm at revue-gugu.org
Fri Dec 28 11:26:37 UTC 2018

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Dear list,

some think that Scribus should be used to export quality PDF documents
and have them printed on paper or card stock. Fine.

We appreciate the typographical powers of Scribus to go beyond. I have
started making "stickers" for WhatsApp to reach a young audience for
being literate in their mother tongue (minority language). WhatsApp has
introduced the use of stickers from October 2018 - and also allows users
to make custom stickers. This is an involved process with strict guidelines.

So I am using Scribus to make word-marks like "cool!", "wow", "me too",
"don't even think about it", for a minority language. Those will then be
converted to an Android App and distributed via the Play Store.

I could prepare the artwork in Inkscape and export PNGs, but I love the
better typographical controls I have in Scribus.

Now I am looking to streamline my workflow. One main stylistic feature
of those stickers is their visual integration into users' threads: Other
visuals like photos or video clips come as brute boxes. But stickers
blend into the users' custom background by way of transparency. So
Android Studio needs PNG files with an alpha channel, which then get
converted to WebP files (not my choice) and can be packed as an app (APK

For years we have used and appreciated the possibility to export PNG
files directly from a Scribus document to produce other WhatsApp content.

I also know how I can have a "green screen effect" by using > Document
Setup > Display > Colors > Page Fill and apply that typical "studio
green". This green background I need to remove in GIMP to have an

And now I am fishing for a more efficient method to get WebP files or
PNG files with transparency from my Scribus documents.

The window where I can set the page-fill-color only gives my six digits
as in #00ff00 but I would like to put #00ff0000. If there is another way
to tell Scribus what is to be the transparent background, please let me

Thanks and good final days of 2018 to you all.


ZASKE Martin
responsable GʊGʊ
BP 50 - Bassila - Bénin
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