[scribus] chain frames, "do not" link them

ale rimoldi ale.comp_06 at xox.ch
Tue Dec 18 11:02:11 UTC 2018

> I think your point is well taken. The problem I struggle with in all
> of these (including link, for that matter) is that link, chain,
> connect in a concrete sense only mean some kind of attachment of one
> frame to another. The idea we would like to create is that of a
> streaming or flowing of text from one frame to another. We might even
> consider it something like the term "pipe", a passing on of material
> from one frame to the next.

as far i can tell from a quick google search, indesign uses both
"threading text" and linking it...

it's a common thing for software to introduce terms that have a
specific meaning in its context.
we have a language that is based on things and we have to create new
meanings for new behaviors or visuals that did not exist before
(many people using a computer, do not see "mices"
in their everyday life...)

currently, scribus is already using the term "chain" to signify that
text frames flow into each other.
and a chain of text frame is imo a good metonymy... better than the
"threads" that seems to be used by indesign (threads are really
something different to me...)

since scribus is already using link for the hypertext links
and, imo (and for other people who asked about it) the two concepts are
too close to share the same name.

... and for the pipe... why not?... but i think that most people will
better understand "chain" rather than "pipe"...
technically, "pipe" is the better term (since it's already used in
computer language for exactly this meaning... and nobody will
confuse them)... but i fear that people who don't recognize that |
is a pipe, would be more comfortable the term "chain"...

but, for sure, even if english is a language that is very present in my
life... i don't understand it well enough... outside of the computer

still, looking at the online webster dictionary (among other meanings:

chain:  to fasten, bind, or connect with or as if with a chain
enchain: to bind or hold with or as if with chains

that seems good enough to me... but ymmv...


ps.: and if it does not translate well into swedish (or any other
language), that should not be a stopper for choosing an english word.
personally, i have the feeling that the german
"verknüpfen" (wiktionary: etwas mit etwas gedanklich in einen
Zusammenhang bringen) and the french "enchaîiner" (larousse: Lier des
actions, des mouvements, des phrases, etc., les uns aux autres, faire
qu'ils se succèdent de manière logique, coordonner selon un certain
ordre ou de manière ininterrompue)...

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