[scribus] 1.4.7 not seeing network drive from File > Open dialog

David Danforth daviddanforth at fastmail.fm
Sat Apr 28 19:29:36 UTC 2018


I've just installed 1.4.7 for Windows 64-bit (Windows 10 Home) but I am 
not able to see my network drive (a Synology NAS) in the "File > Open" 

I can choose my NAS from "File > Preferences > General > Paths > 
Documents".  The open dialog then displays the NAS to the right the 
"look in:" line, but no files or directories are shown.

The NAS is displayed properly in Windows Explorer.  Moreover, while in 
Windows Explorer, if I double click a *.sla file located on the NAS it 
opens quickly and properly in 1.4.7.

The files on my NAS were created in 1.4.6 and saved on my NAS. When, in 
1.4.7, I use "File > Save as" on an open *.sla , it sees my NAS and 
saves to it properly.  Also, if I create a new file in 1.4.7 it will 
"File > Save" to the NAS properly.

Am I missing something obvious?


David Danforth

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