[scribus] Memory and eps files

Sveinn í Felli sv1 at fellsnet.is
Wed Nov 1 10:22:56 UTC 2017


Disclaimer: not a Mac user and I don't have any seriously big 
Illustrator EPS files at the moment ;-(

Þann mið  1.nóv 2017 08:26, skrifaði ale rimoldi:
> hi john
>> How much memory does Scribus need on the Mac platform and can it
>> import Illustrator eps files to pages?
> it's very likely that the amount of the memory depends on the size of
> the eps to be imported.

There's a nice explanation on OSX memory management in this thread:
OSX uses advanced compression techniques for memory, and keeps a bunch 
of items in 'inactive' RAM, so real 'free memory' is a bit difficult to 

> i guess that the limit is not memory used for the import, but the
> memory needed to manage lot of complex shapes inside of scribus after
> you have imported the eps...

My experience is that Scribus itself is dieting on my memory (total 32GB 
RAM in Linux); importing an 32MB EPS into an image-frame and rotating 
it, eats away meager 124MB of my RAM.
This is fairly consistent with a "rule of thumbs" I read about 
somewhere: that many graphics applications need a triple of 
*uncompressed* data to work well; one 'active' copy, one in undo-buffer 
and one on disk. Don't take my words for an explanation of this though. 
Since I'm using an SSD, my swap-memory is not on a disk, but in RAM.

I've rarely used EPS-files bigger than 500MB in Scribus, quite possibly 
the application will grind into slow-motion at some point with such big 
But as ale said; the number and complexities of shapes, plus the number 
and complexities of operations done on them, will certainly jack up the 
memory usage. Just importing/resizing into a frame shouldn't be a big deal.

Would be interesting though to see some numbers on this (htop) for Mac 

Best regards,

Sveinn í Felli

> all in all: have you tried?
> did anything fail?
> ciao
> a.l.e
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