[scribus] Release 22044 segmentation fault

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  >> When I compiled this release using the JLUC makesvn script it came up 
with >> a segmentation fault. Is there an earlier release number that I can 
 >> that is more likely to work? I am using Slackware Current. > Try nuking 
your install directory and rebuilding from scratch.
 >that's `maksvn -d` option JL
 I forgot to add that the segmentation fault occurred when I tried to 
execute the finished program.
 Is maksvn  different from makesvn? If so where do I find maksvn?
 I did indeed start from scratch. But I will nuke it once again and start 
from scratcth  using 
 makesvn -d 22000 as a trial compile. If that fails I will go back even 
earlier. 220044 happened to be the latest I could download.
 Thanks to both who replied.
 John C.

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