[scribus] justification not working on last line - solved

ZASKE Martin zm at revue-gugu.org
Wed May 17 15:37:13 UTC 2017

solved - solved - solved - solved - solved - solved - solved - solved

On 17.05.2017 07:31, Rolf-Werner Eilert wrote:
> Sounds like a computation error or if any of the letters in your font
> reaches downstairs somewhat longer.
> I remember vaguely that I had a similiar thing with a poster long time
> ago, the font's length downstairs being the reason.
> Try to adjust the lower border of the text frame so it doesn't let the
> next line in but just is enough to take up the font.
> Another idea: do you use a justification grid like for two-column
> design? I remember there was a case when I had something like this when
> the font height didn't fit the vertical justification grid. Maybe just
> switching it off is the solution.
> Regards
> Rolf

Dear Rolf,

thank you so much for sharing your experience from "long time ago". You
have solved our problem!!!

I made our baseline grid visible and noticed that we got some "safety
margin" from the last baseline to our text-frame-lower-border. But
obviously not enough:

Just pulling the bottom of our text-frame 1mm lower made the last line
of text "jump to proper justification".

I have just tested this fix for several text-frames - and reliably the
last line jumps and justification is done properly.

This even happens on those pages where the drawing is underneath the
copy (using the Text Flow Around Frame / Use Contour Line option): When
I just slightly move the image-frame to give more space, the last
visible line of text jumps and justification is fine.

I had often noticed that entire lines of text do not show, if there is
not enough space; but I had never had any document where justification
did stall for lack of breathing space. Maybe in this document I had paid
too much attention to the First Line Offset and never looked enough at
the bottom of our text-frames. Sorry - still learning this trade.

I had searched all over the place for the problem but never would have
guessed that a line which visibly renders 90% of the width, could have
trouble in a vertical sense.

Again, I am relieved that Scribus is stable and that I can keep working
on our book. Thank you Rolf and thank you list - without your help we
could not do this project.

greetings, and "may the render always happen for you",


ZASKE Martin
responsable GʊGʊ
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