[scribus] Scribus Generator: turn your data in beautiful documents

"Christoph Schäfer" christoph-schaefer at gmx.de
Tue Mar 28 06:17:12 UTC 2017

> Gesendet: Montag, 27. März 2017 um 01:40 Uhr
> Von: Bertrand <berteh at gmail.com>
> An: scribus at lists.scribus.net
> Betreff: [scribus] Scribus Generator: turn your data in beautiful documents
> Hello.
> *Scribus Generator
> <https://github.com/berteh/ScribusGenerator#scribusgenerator>* is a
> Mail-Merge-like extension to Scribus, to generate Scribus and pdf documents
> automatically from your spreadsheet data. A great opensource alternative to
> InDesign's InData.
> A brand new feature now allows you to display multiple data entries in a
> single page. Great to generate your own listings, team charts, game cards,
> who's who posters and more... your imagination is the limit :)
> It already allowed you to replace texts and images dynamically, change
> object colors, position, text font or size dynamically; to     generate
> separate PDF (or Scribus) files for each data entry, or a single file from
> all your data; to use any data source (OpenOffice, MySQL, Excel, Notepad,
> GoogleSpreadsheet...) that can export to CSV; and much more...
> Hope you like it. Feedback is welcome on the dedicated github issue tracker
> <https://github.com/berteh/ScribusGenerator/issues>.
> Thanks to all developers and contributors to Scribus that made the idea of
> this extension possible !
> Berteh.

Hi Berteh,

Thanks a lot for your admirable work!

I would even campaign for the inclusion of the script in a future Scribus version. However, I discern a few problems:

1) We want to get rid of Tk. Do you think you can reproduce this in PyQt?

2) It could be a bit more user-friendly ;)

3) What about offering ODS support? (Would be helpful in other fields, too!)

4) How can this be translated?

Thanks again,

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