[scribus] story editor.

ZASKE Martin zm at revue-gugu.org
Mon Mar 20 10:37:48 UTC 2017

Thank you Craig, for explaining the definition of "story", i.e. a run of
one or several-linked text-frames. I did not know about the definition,
but I will gladly learn this as a technical term for Scribus, no problem.

I also thank the other users who have confirmed the usefulness of a
selection mechanism for several paragraphs. I love the idea of those
little tick-boxes, like we have them in Wordpress-dashboard and in many
other places.
	When I do multi-selections in my file-explorer, I sometimes make one
miss-click and then all my work of selection is lost and I have to click
all over again. So those boxes really work well for me.
	There would be a select-all, unselect-all and maybe a swap-selection
box at the very top. This would not need any training, it is a well know

I thank all fellow users who are bringing good ideas at this stage. I
very much thank Craig for responding and dialoging.

We have already established the usefulness of a story editor. We have
also seen several testimonies about the usefulness of the present story
editor. We have got many ways (again) to open the story editor.

And Martin even learnt this morning how to change the icons to something
more accessible to his humble brain which can identify shapes+colours
much more efficiently than just-shapes. Thank you Greg.

It is helpful to me, to learn more pros and cons about wysiwyg. For
example I can see its usefulness if you have got very large font-sizes
and then same real small-print in the same story. (But I do not like
companies who use nasty small print.) Or not working with a
colour-background while concentrating on just the text. If I had to vote
today about wysiwyg I would not know how to decide, I am still digesting
all the recent input.

This entire exchange is encouraging me very much. We got something
useful and it will even get better, eventually. I would say to our
developers: As we got a working story editor, and as each change in
itself is automatically a "disturbance" (say for habits, for existing
documentation, for users who might have made their own scripts)(I am not
against change as such) I would not mind waiting even another year or
two, if this would help the team to make a wonderful new story editor. I
can sense from this very entire exchange, that there will be plenty of
testers, once there will be betas available.

Good week to you all. We love Scribus.


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