[scribus] Arial Italic is missing

Håkan Löfgren hakan.lofgren46 at outlook.com
Thu Mar 2 13:37:00 UTC 2017


Have been using Scribus and now the new 1.5.2. OS is Windows 10.
In the old version i can use all variations of Arial: black, bold, bold italic, italic, narrow, narrow bold, narrow bold italic, narrow italic, regular.
BUT in version 1.5.2 I can not find Italic. All the other types are present. And there is no shortcut for Italic, like Ctrl+i in some editors.
I have not investigated all typefaces, so I don't know if more Italics are missing. I checked Calibri and Times New Roman and there Italic is working.

There is another mysterious cursor movement in text handling in a text frame. If the cursor is in home position and I move it with down arrow, it will also move one character to the right for every step down. I don't like that displacement.

Håkan Löfgren, Sweden

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