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<scrib at wexfordpress.com> wrote:
> I have tried multiple OS' including Slackware, SUSE, Fedora and Ubuntu. 
> have no success with any of them as far as installing 1.5.3.
> What is the easiest OS to use for this install? Using the JLUC script I
> was able to compile on Slackware but the program errors off when
> I try to run it.

Perhaps you could provide some more info as to what the error is. One issue 
will be the Qt version. However, it is possible to install on Ubuntu 15, 
16, and 17. The others should be fine too.
I can get a compile to work using the luc script or the bader script. But I 
always get segmentation faults on execution. This is on Slackware current.
 I would like to install on fedora 25 but I don't see a Fedora version any 
more. There is an SUSE version but it is for 42.2. I have a cdr for 44.2. 
 As for Ubuntu, I don't know what command I use to install the packages. I 
find the files:
 Can someone walk me through what I must do to install these packages? The 
instructions I see are kind of confusing to me..
 In short I don't care which OS I use other than Windoze. I don't care what 
version. I just want a 1.5.3 that will work.
 Please be patient with me. I am old and not as smart as I once was.
 John Culleton.

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