[scribus] python API - which one?

Václav Šmilauer eu at doxos.eu
Wed Jun 21 09:33:05 UTC 2017

Hi everybody,

I am trying to script scribus but I have some confusion about python
API's. There seems to be a few floating around judging by different
names (scripter, scripterNG, scripter2, pythonize), is that correct?
Which is the one to be used?

The one which scribus-trunk (the packaged svn build for ubuntu) uses is
the one in scribus/plugins/scriptplugin; does it have API docs
somewhere? They don't seem to correspond to http://scribus-scripter.rea
dthedocs.io/en/latest/index.html ?

And then, a little thing: is the page copy function wrapped (make X
copies of page Y, place it after page Z)?


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