[scribus] Laidout

John Jason Jordan johnxj at gmx.com
Fri Jun 2 06:17:22 UTC 2017

Artists, take note!

Tonight I attended a presentation by Tom Lechner, creator of Laidout, a
tool he wrote to assist him in his cartoon work. I was astonished at
what it can do. (He has also created an imposition script for Scribus.)
Laidout is fascinating because it was created by an artist. For
example, if you want to adjust line spacing in Scribus you go to the
Text section in Scribus and adjust as desired. In Laidout you grab the
top or bottom of the frame and as you drag it up or down the line
spacing changes. 

If you thought you had to create your artwork in Inkscape or the GIMP,
be aware that there is a new game in town. :)

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