[scribus] installing 1.5.3 Success at last.

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 I thought it looked too easy. Could not figure out how to find the rpm. 
involved with copr repositories and so on. So I will try to compile from
source per your guidance.

>make with the options you need, then make install (you can run make,
>then run make install, but in my experience simply running make install
>will first compile, then install).


Yea verily,
 I got 1.5.3 running on my Fedora 25 install after much work. The 
instructions in the BUILDING file have to be followed exactly, Many pieces 
of software have to be added via "dnf install (filename)" There are two 
sets of these addons in the BUILDING  file, a general set and a Fedora set. 
 I still managed to miss one but it was listed elsewhere in the file.
 1.5.3 is really different with a different icon layout and many new 
features. I have to educate myself pretty  much from scratch.
 It is very impressive.
 The executable is called "scribus". I will have to see what the 1.4.6 
version that is in the Fedora repoaitory  is called and possibly rename one 
or the other.
 Congratulations to the developers and thanks to Greg for his patient 


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