[scribus] Picture selection for fotobooks

Hadmut Danisch hadmut at danisch.de
Wed Jul 19 09:32:42 UTC 2017


I'm trying to create fotobooks with scribus and just installed 1.5.3
to get this new feature where multiple pictures can be selected and
become something like a picture queue.

Nice and useful. :-)

However, there's still space for improvement.

- would be quite helpful if the picture selection dialog could
  show whether a pictures is already used in the document do avoid
  forgetting pictures or having them twice.

- The preview thumbnail appears only after clicking on the file
  name. But then in this queue mode this means that the picture has
  been added to the queue. i.e. you see the picture only after putting
  it into the queue.

  Would it be possible to have a file selector that shows thumbnails
  for all pictures?

  Or to show the thumbnail when just hovering ove a file name?

regards (and thanks!)

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