[scribus] installing 1.5.3

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Tue Jul 18 21:26:43 UTC 2017

Happy to revert to Fedora 25! That whole excursion was to get to Scribus 
1.5.3, Anything special about mrdocs? I'll go look for it.
 Thanks much. Will report progress.

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On 07/15/2017 02:07 PM, scrib at wexfordpress.com wrote:
> Juar upgraded to Fedora 26. Can't install 1.5.3. How did you do it? What 
> the name of the executable? Did you compile from wource?

You're going to have to compile from source:


mrdocs has a fedora rpm, but it's for Fedora 25.

Check the wiki:

to make sure you have all the requirements, including cmake and qt5. Run
cmake with the options you need, then make install (you can run make,
then run make install, but in my experience simply running make install
will first compile, then install).


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