[scribus] installing 1.5.3

scrib at wexfordpress.com scrib at wexfordpress.com
Sat Jul 15 18:07:09 UTC 2017

Juar upgraded to Fedora 26. Can't install 1.5.3. How did you do it? What is 
the name of the executable?  Did you compile from wource?

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Subject: [scribus] installing 1.5.3   
I have successfully compiled 1.5.3 on Fedora 25 x86_64: Scribus Version 
1.5.3 23 May 2017 Build ID: C--T-F-C1.14.8-64bit Using Ghostscript version 
9.20  Qt version 5.7.1. Very pleased with it. Cheers, Doug ___ Scribus 
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