[scribus] Inserting a full-page text frame into an existing document?

ale rimoldi ale.comp_06 at xox.ch
Fri Jul 7 10:10:31 UTC 2017


On 06/07/17 23:48, Doug Hutcheson wrote:
>> On 06/21/2017 07:49 PM, Doug Hutcheson wrote:
>>> Hi all.
>>> I am sure this was discussed recently, but I can't find it in my
>>> mail
>>> archive - I must be searching for the wrong term.  "8-[
>>> Is it possible to use a magic key combination to insert a full page
>>> text frame in an existing document? I know I can set it up when
>>> creating a new document.
>> If you select the Insert Text Frame icon (or press T), then hold down
>> the Shift key, clicking the page will create a frame up to the
>> margins.
>> I also wrote a script to enlarge any object to the size of the page:
>> https://wiki.scribus.net/canvas/Enlarge2Page
>> Greg
> Thanks Greg - exactly what I was looking for.   "8-)

just for the archives (since doug seems to be happy with what greg

- in most cases, it's not a good idea to set up automatic frames that
fill the pages.

- in most cases, the "shift" shortcut-modifier suggested by greg is
indeed the best way to fill pages with frames.

- of course, the "shift" shortcut-modifier can also be used with image
frames or any other type of items!

- in 1.5.x, if you need a longer chain of frames, you can use it and:

  - zoom out a bit (or a lot) the document
  - select the (last) frame that contains your text that should spread
across the pages
  - press the "n" key to activate the "link to the next text frame" tool
  - shift-click in the middle of the next empty page / empty column to
fill it.
  - without deselecting the newly created frame, repeat the "n" +
"shift-click" cycles until you have placed all your linked text.

  in most cases, this is a better workflow than using the automatic frames.

- finally, the script linked by greg can be a good start, if you want to
automate a specific workflow.
  but -- if you just want to get a specific frame to be the size of the
page (instead of the margins, where the simple solution is to use the
snapping) -- you can also:

  - activate the properties palette and select the frame that needs to
be resized
  - use the following coordinates and sizes:
    - x: 0
    - y: 0
    - width: pagewidth
    - height: pageheight
    yes, "pagewidth" and "pageheight" are variables you can use them in
the measurement fields (you can also do calculations and set x =
pagewidth/2 + 10mm and width = pagewidth/2 to place the frame in the
right half of the page, with a gutter of 20mm)
    of course, properly setting and using guides is in most cases a
better idea... but those variable are really handy in some corner cases!


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