[scribus] Aligning frames

Ken Springer snowshed1 at q.com
Wed Jan 4 23:48:02 UTC 2017

On 1/4/17 12:42 PM, Peter Nermander wrote:
> If you want people to switch, you have to be as good or *better* than the
>> program that's being replaced.
> Why would anyone want people to switch to Scribus? Nobody is making money
> on people using Scribus, nobody gains anything from more users using
> Scribus. Developers work for free on their own spare time, why would they
> want more users with more demands? :)

<G>  Because if you are in business, you want to keep costs to a 
minimum.  And there's a growing number of people who would buy CS 
whatever, but they don't like the subscription model at all.

You also gain a reputation.  That reputation can be good or bad.  You 
can write books, you could sell small help books on Amazon, and probably 
a number of other related things that can done in order to generate some 

I'll bet Greg and Christoph wouldn't mind selling more Scribus books if 
there are more users.  LOL 

> Switch to Scribus if you like it, use something else if you don't like
> Scribus. Or help coding the features you want, if you can. Or pay someone
> to do the coding if you really want the features. That's the world of open
> source.

As I mentioned at least twice, I don't have the skills for coding.  I 
learned many, many years ago, when I took a community college course on 
programming in the Basic language, that was not a job field for me.  LOL

One of my reasons for the suggestions to Scribus is I would like to see 
easier to use software for the Linux platform.  Speaking for myself, I'm 
d@@ned tired of the two big elephants in the room basically telling 
people how they will use and what they will buy for computers.

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