[scribus] Aligning Frames

Chas Good ceemann at gmx.us
Tue Jan 3 18:46:46 UTC 2017

It seems like the most central theme of the items in the "Items" menu is one or another means of dealing with frames; frames are grouped, adjusted in size, duplicated, locked...

One possibility is to rename the "Items" menu to "Frames" and move the few orphaned items to better places.

That said, there is no perfect scheme for everyone. Ultimately I just learn where things are, get used to it, and move on. A scheme that make perfect sense for me may drive someone else crazy. But I believe there is good sense to trying to maintain a common and discernible theme to menu namings.

>Many other programs have a Tools menu, I think that could be better
>than Windows. I think a menu named Windows is by most users associated with
>"document windows" (for which the two topmost items in the manu applies)
>and not "tool dialogues".

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