[scribus] Latest Windows version

Craig Bradney cbradney at scribus.info
Sun Feb 26 21:06:52 UTC 2017

> On 26 Feb 2017, at 22:02, scrib at wexfordpress.com wrote:
> Once upon a time I reached a webpage that offered an overnight version of 
> Scribus for MSWindows. I just added Windows 7 to a partition on my computer 
> for reasons not pertinent here.
> Is this overnight version strill available?
> Is it the latest svn or just a 1.5.2 version?
> Is the nightly Ubuntu version svn or just 1.5.2?
> I will get to the latest svn by hook or by crook.
> Thanks,
> John Culleton

The latest snapshots for windows and OSX are here: https://sourceforge.net/projects/scribus/files/scribus-svn/1.5.3.svn/ <https://sourceforge.net/projects/scribus/files/scribus-svn/1.5.3.svn/>
The appImage is SVN.

1.5.3 will be released soon though.

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