[scribus] Vertical centering of text in a frame

Ken Springer snowshed1 at q.com
Sun Feb 26 00:30:11 UTC 2017

Scribus 1.4.6
Windows 7

I want to center a line of text in a frame.  But so far have not found a 
reliable way to do this.

I didn't find any easily selectable option, but for a couple of frames I 
could "fake it" by using the baseline offset in advanced settings.

But with frames of a lower height, it doesn't work.

I found a script here that claimed to do it, 
but it doesn't.

Is it even possible in 1.4.6?  What about 1.5.2?  For the current 
project, 1.5.2 is not an option but I would like to know if it can be done.

Mac OS X 10.11.6
Firefox 51.0.1  (64 bit)
Thunderbird 45.7.1
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