[scribus] story editor observation re style selection

ZASKE Martin zm at revue-gugu.org
Wed Feb 22 15:47:44 UTC 2017

When working with a freshly imported text in story editor,
I normally select the entire text and assign the default style for that

Next I need to assign another style to all headings etc.

And maybe more for quotes or whatever that document needs.

Each time I click on a style in that left-hand column, there is another
selector popping up (Windows 10) forcing my to click a down-arrow.

I checked this and also tried right-click: There is no other function
available to me (and that even makes sense): Clicking on the
style-marker to the left of a given paragraph means "I want to assign a
new style".

So why do I need to make a second click?

And why does the list which then opens up only give me the first ten
choices and a slider? My screen can handle many more; I often even use
two screens when making documents. We have many more than ten styles for
different purposes, depending on type of document.

This is just a small detail in the gui, where a little change would save
the users many many many clicks without changing function and without
loosing anything. Just a suggestion, not a complaint, not a bug, just
too many clicks.

What do other users think?



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