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ZASKE Martin zm at revue-gugu.org
Wed Feb 22 11:42:19 UTC 2017

I was not requesting miracles. We do not expect to take a document from
one context to another and then continue editing. This would be nice,
but "it depends".

But we want to be able to open our OWN documents (and edit them) even in
two years in our OWN office (where we have and keep all the fonts which
we "own" (we even made one or two adaptations), or which we have
suitable licenses) for.

We know that every so often, we need to save afresh, to allow for new
versions, and maybe tweak some formatting; that is fine. Happens
everywhere. But blocking certain fonts would have been in a different
league of trouble.

I was glad to read that the problem was only about some bug - and about
an external library. Bugs get identified and fixed. So the
un-availability was not intentional; and that is reassuring. Thank you
to several list-members for the details you provided.


I was nervous, because we had breakings in the past, for example from
Corel, where marketing decided at one point: "we still call it the same
series, but features x, y and z will not be available any longer for the
next version (at the same price-level)". So opening older documents with
more recent program-versions (needed to function under ever-evolving
OSs), had become a pain - and we are taking basically "all our stuff"
over to Scribus.

On 21.02.2017 19:42, William Bader wrote:
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> ...
> But we cannot have font-anarchy: If Scribus has accepted a font
> previously (like DejaVu) and the font is not changed in a fundamental
> way; then Scribus must not unilaterally refuse that font (at least not
> for existing documents) later.
> ...
> ---
> The issue is that if you create a document in an environment where a given font is available and then try to open the document in an environment where the font is not available, Scribus has no other option than to substitute the font.
> It is similar to creating a document that refers to an external image and then trying to view the document on a system without the image.
> Would it be possible to include fonts in File -> Collect for Output or are their copyright issues that prevent it?
> Regards, William
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