[scribus] Changing the sections in document-preferences changes the orientation of page-numbers

Gregory Pittman gpittman at iglou.com
Tue Feb 21 14:39:30 UTC 2017

On 02/21/2017 04:35 AM, Albrecht Will wrote:
> Hi, if I create pagenumbers for the masterpages and there is only one section, 
> then the numbers are well arranged in the middle.
> But I don't want a number at page 1, so I create a second section. I set page 
> 1 to unvisible and let start the numbers at page 2 with 2.
> The result is: page 1 without number, page 2 - end shows the numbers right up 
> in the frame.
> nearly silly!

I can't understand what you're doing.
If you go to File > Document Setup > Sections, you can create a
numbering scheme that can start at whatever page you want it to, with
whatever number you want that first numbered page to have, and end on
whatever page you want. You didn't have to create a new section if you
want numbering to begin on page 2.

There is nothing specific about Master Pages and page numbering. Page
numbering has to do with the special page number character that can be
in a frame on a Master Page or on a regular page.


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