[scribus] Fwd: Re: Wieder zurück mit Problemen

Albrecht Will albrecht.will at online.de
Wed Feb 8 19:20:52 UTC 2017

Am Dienstag, 7. Februar 2017, 15:30:00 CET schrieb Gregory Pittman:
> You could do us a favor if you would edit the wiki page to show where
> problems arise and how you got around them. We can maybe turn that into
> a bug report.
> Greg

Hi Greg,

as I had over the years so many help and input from the community, that its only fair to give 
help back. My problem - i'm not very familiar with wikis, in particular yours, and my advice is 
very simple: don't use intern endnotes until they are unexceptionable. (And i have to work 
with a dictionary, because my English is a little bit poor) Working for you, I would first 
request an asisstance.  Effort and benefits?


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