[scribus] export as pdf makes everything a bit smaller

Gregory Pittman gpittman at iglou.com
Tue Dec 12 23:30:57 UTC 2017

On 12/12/2017 05:47 PM, JLuc wrote:
> Le 12/12/2017 à 20:51, mick crane a écrit :
>> hello,
>> I'm not very good with Scribus.
>> previously doing the same sort of thing exporting a page as a pdf has
>> worked OK but this one export as PDF makes everything a bit smaller
>> text and images.
>> Any blindingly obvious reason why this might be ?
> when you look at the PDF on a screen, then maybe your screen is smaller ?
> when you print it, then maybe you changed some option of the printing
> tool, of the driver, or of the printer ?

Here is something to try out:

Have your document page onscreen with Scribus.
Now import the same page as a vector drawing and superimpose it on the
Scribus document (without resizing). Note that your imported PDF "page"
will not fill the physical page unless you have objects which go to the
edges of the page.

Do you see any discrepancy? I just tried this and saw no size difference.


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