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Betreff: Re: CxF- colour plattes (e.g. from freie Farbe) in Open Source applications

Hallo Christoph,

The work on the HLC Colour System could be accelerated, if someone would write us a script to build automatically pages based on a HLC colour palette with predefined CMYK-values for each HLC color.

The script should create create rectangular boxes (alls the same size e.g. 10x10 mm) and place the box on pages according following rules:

H / 10 = page No (e. H010 = Page1, H230 = Page23, we would have 36 Pages)

L = Position from bottom up on the Page (e.g L=15 is the lowest position, L=90 the highest, (values are 15, 25, 35, 45, 55, 65, 75, 85, 90)

C = Position from left to right (values are 10, 20, 30, .... 120 )

The colour of each rectangle must have the CMYK colour values of the HLC colour

We are printing our HLC colour Atlas on a 12 color inkjet system with a RIP using  a fixed CMYK to 12 color transformation. Profiles are made with CMYK testcharts. After the calculation of the CMYK-values for every swatch, we are printing all patches, measure them with an automated chart reader and optimize the CMYK values after getting the measuring results.
At the end we have CMYK values for every color patch which lead to an optimal Lab-value for every HLC patch.

In the master document of the HLC colour atlas, we manually choose the colour of each patch from the HLC CMYK palette. This takes some hours for 2000 patches... (we plan to generate different version of the coulor atlas e.g. coated and uncoated...)

The Freie Farbe e.V. may / probably would sponsor/pay the creation of such a script, We currently have now idea how many hours / days it would take to create such a script...
If Scribus would be used to generate the HLC colour atlas pages with the script, it would be featured on the freie Farbe website and the documentation for the HLC colour system / colour atlas.

So if somebody from the Scribus team would be interested to create such a script, please let us know. Based on the amount of time needed for the script, I´m optimistic to find a fair compensation for the script creation.

Best regards
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